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Assemble Process—8 Permit Ready Accessory Dwelling Unit (Granny Flat Program)

Discovery—Site Visit  
The discovery begins with the first site visit about your needs and goals for adding the space. Your ideas are important. We listen to you and will also share our insights as to the feasibility of building an ADU on your property.

Site Plan Development & Retainer
At this meeting we will discuss the entire process in detail and discuss entering into a site plan retainer that will take us to the next step of creating a site plan of your property that will show how the different PRADU’s may fit on your site.  

Select a Permit Ready Accessory Dwelling Unit Plan
Upon selection of a plan we will discuss budget ranges to help you understand the potential investment required to construct the unit.

Budgeting and Construction Documents
Once we have the site plan and selected a PRADU we can finalize the construction documents, construction costs including: grading and related hook-ups for power, sewer and water.

Permitting & Selections
While the permits are processed at the city or county, we will work together to finish the final details of the approved design—Appliances selection, tile, flooring, plumbing fixture, paint colors etc.

Ground Breaking—Pre-Construction Meeting
Prior to the start of construction, we will have an on-site meeting with the team to discuss the logistical components of your project and the schedule.

Construction & Site Walkthroughs
During construction we will continue daily and weekly communication with you. We schedule a series of job site walkthroughs to verify and make adjustments as needed.

Completion & Delivery
Once your project is complete we will clean and provide a final inspection from the city or county.  Assemble provides a one (1) year warranty. Our team members are always available to address any concerns you may have. When we’re finished—you will miss us just a little bit!


Call us for a free property evaluation to help determine your goal and if an ADU is right for your property. 858.866.6958

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